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Why BBW is offensive

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So let me just jump right into my rant. So yesterday I was super excited because I finally got my material to make my photo box and I was getting ready to take pictures of my favorite beauty products of July, Whelp that plan flew right out the window as I got side tracked by Facebook and came across a video that one of my friends was tagged in. The call to action was Go Tag a Big Fine Woman.  The name of the video is The New Big Girl Anthem “BBW” Formation. In the comments of the video there are people laughing and making a mockery of BBW and there are other woman tagging there BBW friends as the post calls for them to do so.  All the BBW I assume are liking and commenting on the video because the video is celebrating them for being Big and Beautiful. I just feel like as a society we have come so far just to go back and pick up what we left behind.

I never like to be referred to as being Big and Beautiful because it is offensive to me. All the groups I am apart of and all the Instagram posts and pages I see celebrating woman for being big and beautiful is simply offensive, like why can’t I just be referred to as being Beautiful. Never once have I seen Victoria secret models being referred to as small and beautiful, people just look to them as simply beautiful especially when they rip the runway in their bra and panties flaunting a size negative zero.

so anyway back to the video, there are video girls who are all plus size they are doing choreography and its pretty lit. Then a scene comes where the main character of the video has a snack in her mouth and one on each side of her chest. and at that moment I just face palm myself because its like every time there is a video with “BBW” there is always a reference to food or snacks and then what was meant to be a celebration of beauty of all sizes now turns in to a joke for everyone’s amusement. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to sit back and watch how our community is constantly the butt of all jokes.

I want to be on the glamorous side of plus size I don’t want people to look at me and say oh she’s cute for a big girl. Like what does that actually mean? what does my size have to do with me being attractive or desirable? I have yet to hear someone call Tyra Banks cute for a skinny girl. That’s because it doesn’t make sense it doesn’t even sound right. So why are we as curvier woman so willing to accept the terms that are given to us.

It’s like we are so happy to be recognized and thrown a bone that we are willing to accept what ever scraps or forms of flattery that come our way, and that is the reason we are treated the way we are and there is such a lack of respect for our community. People look down upon us as if we are a charity case or like we are some homeless person who the government decided to give refuge to under conditions that they would be allowed to refer to that homeless person however they wished. Or like a 4-year-old preschooler who just did a school play and had a speaking role of three lines and you still said awwww look at my baby doing the best he can with those three lines. you go baby mama’s proud of you. Its like I can hear the undertone or unspoken language of the term BBW as its meant to be condescending and hurtful by the people who use it but celebrated by the people its meant for. I’m so confused.  Am I happy with the term that is used to describe people who are not a size 10 and under? Absolutely not. Can I change the way we are viewed. Absolutely.

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The content trap

I'm stuck and I can't get out. Have you ever been in a place where all your senses worked but you had no way of escape? I mean my vision works fine my hearing is perfect I can touch what's in front of me and I can taste the success, but some how I don't know how to get out off of this deserted island. I have been kidnapped by my desire to be successful blindfolded by fear and tied up by the unknown and I can't seem to break free to get where I want to be.

I've started my blog again after a year of laying dormant and I'm trying to be more active and engaging on social media but the lack of content is keeping me in the basement of my thoughts. It's like I see so many bloggers and so many social media entrepreneurs who post several times a day mean while I struggle to post once a week. Where's my inspiration? Where do I go from here? What do I post tomorrow. I know it won't happen over night but how will I know if this is for me. Maybe I should leave the blogging to the more experienced blogger and Instagram to the more photogenic, maybe I should continue being a robot going to work when I'm told going on break when I'm told eating lunch when I'm told and answering the phones when I'm told, maybe I was meant to be an employee not having any dreams of my own working to expand someone else's empire…NOOOOTTTTTTTTTT! Just kidding! I am not meant to do any of those things I'm going to keep trying until I get it right don't believe me just watch!


Why do we care?

Cheerio Mate! sorry just got done watching a British show on Netflix (cant pay? We’ll take it away) I love those kind of shows because its as close to reality TV as you can get. Any who as I was watching the people in distress as there possessions were being taking a way from them,  it made me ask myself why do people work so hard to prove their  worth to other people? What I mean by that is a lot of the people who were having trouble paying their rent or car notes is what people thought of them was more important than what they thought of themselves. In my honest opinion we truly care too much of what others think we have or how they think we are doing. I was in that situation myself along time ago when I was young and I cared about what people thought I had and what kind of car they seen me drive, so I got myself into a car with a car payment I knew I couldn’t afford. Now fast forward to my present situation I am in a car I’ve  had for 2 years and not missed one payment and its because when I picked out the car I had to ask myself if it was something I could afford? It may not be my ideal car (but how people thought I looked in the car did not matter I needed transportation and at this point in my life I really don’t care about what other people think I have how much they think I’m worth what they think I know or how they think I look. Everything that I value comes from what I hold to be true in my heart because I think so, and I must say I’m doing so much better by the way!

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You maybe wondering when I’m going to get to the fashion beauty and makeup.. soon my dear soon. I’m just getting my feet wet before diving straight in!


OMG…I’m Still Clueless

Heyyyy!! So listen this is my first blog post since September 2016. almost a year ago (yikes)I did not know what I was doing then, and I do not know what I am doing now. lol I am still utterly clueless I mean there is so much to know about starting a blog from gaining followers, following other bloggers, widgets, plugins, hosting, html codes linking platforms and most importantly content! I gotta say that’s what has taken me almost a year to get back stated again. I can never think of anything to post meanwhile I have all these conversations in my head with myself and no responses! So I figure hey if I just get things up and running again and have some of these conversations online it might 1) elicit some responses or comments from new people and 2) It might defog my mind. I have so much going on up there on a daily basis I have no choice but to just shut down and be quite because I will go into overload if I try to pick a topic to speak about, not to mention that 89 percent of my day is filled with lab rats (t.v. show) mighty med (t.v. show) peanut butter and jelly sandwiches fruit snacks and an endless questions and answers game from my 5 year old. Yes I have 2 children 8 and 5 and they literally demand all of my attention and all of my time; but we will save that topic for another day. Back to the blog (please bare with me I can go off topic quite often) Blogging is something I want to engage in because I don’t have many people that I communicate with on a daily basis and I would like to use this opportunity to connect with people over the age of 8 lol with similar interests. Yes I am still clueless as to how blogging actually works but I’m sure with time I will find out from experience I could either go another year with out blogging and still being clueless and no new friends or I could get my feet wet and get used to the water to eventually go into the deep end. Will there be times I feel like giving up? absolutely.  Will there be moments of feeling under appreciated?  Sure. but the goal I have in mind is much greater than the obstacles I see before me, so please have patience bare with me and offer me a lifeline if you see me drowning!

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